Functions of the Academic Board

The Academic Board of the College is accountable to the Council for all the teaching, learning, research and academic functions of the college, as well as the promotion of the participation of women and the disabled in its learning programmes.  It furthermore has established internal academic monitoring and quality promotion mechanisms.

Composition of the Academic Board

Members of the Academic Board comprises the principal; vice-principals; lecturers at the college; members of the council; members of the SRC and additional persons as may be determined by the council.  The majority of members of the Academic Board are lecturers.

Committees of the Academic Board

The Academic Board has five committees, namely:

  • Committee for Academic Planning responsible inter alia for programme offerings; the accreditation of new programmes and the planning of resources for teaching and learning.  Ms Nkano Mohlaphuli is the chairperson of the committee. 
  • Committee for Quality of Service Delivery that is responsible to oversee assessments; moderations; examinations; retention rates; results and through-put rates.  
  • Committee for Student Administration whose responsibilities include among others to oversee tuition fees; registrations; access planning; capacity planning and the ratio of educator: students.  Ms Lizette Lourens is the chairperson of the committee.
  •  Committee for Student Services oversees functions such as financial aid to students; student wellness; student support; student affairs and the implementation of the Student Services Framework.  Ms Monica Gibbs is leading the committee. 
  • Committee for Research that is responsible to oversee research statistics that can be used in strategic decision making as well as about new developments that may influence the College




Ms Lizette Lourens 
Chairperson of the
Committee on Student Administration                              
Ms Monica Gibbs
Chairperson of the Committee on Student Services
Ms Nkano Mohlaphuli
Chairperson of the Committee on Academic Planning

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